Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Dry Creek With Storm Approaching" -- photo from California's Garin/Dry Creek park in the East Bay

"Dry Creek with Storm Approaching"

This photo has quite the story to go along with it. It had been raining in the area a lot for the past few days, and during a brief break in the rains, I thought I'd try to go capture some lush hillsides. At first I thought I'd go to Coyote Hills, but as I approached them, it was clear they were still brown. However, I could see some beautiful emerald hillsides rising in the distance. I had never explored these hills yet, so I whipped out my phone to see if there were any public, explorable parks in the hills ahead. And then, I got pulled over and given a ticket for using my phone. Oh well, I can't say I didn't deserve it. But undeterred, I soldiered on and explored these hillsGarin / Dry Creek Regional Park. It was a lovely setting, as the approaching storms coated the hills in dappled sunlight. Overall, I think it was worth the ticket.

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