Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Percolating Sunrise"
This is a photo that I took and edited a while ago. It was taken in Thornewood Open Space, on a particularly misty Saturday morning in November. Thornewood Open Space is a hidden gem located between (new) La Honda Road and Old La Honda Road, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, just outside of Palo Alto. It's a small park, but strikingly beautiful in the right weather. Unlike most Redwood forests in the area, Thornewood is on the east side of the mountains, so does not get as much fog. This means that it dries quickly, so is best visited during or right after a rainfall, when the moss and mist turn the landscape into a lush primeval rain forest. This photograph was taken the morning after the area's first serious rain. When I first rounded the bend, this scene looked completely different, with no beautiful rays. I paused to briefly take in the scene, and began photographing something in the opposite direction of this tree. Then I felt the light change behind me, and turned to see these amazing crepuscular rays piercing through the mist and branches. It lasted like this for only five or so seconds, and I was lucky to capture it in time.

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