Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Autumn Babble"

Here is a piece from a long time ago.  With my parents in North Carolina to view the fall colors, and telling me how pretty they are, I got a little jealous, and dug through my archives.  I made this one almost five years ago!  But somehow it never got formally presented, so here it is.  Don't worry, though -- I've had a chance to take some autumn-themed photographs here in California, coming soon.

I titled this photograph "Autumn Babble" because this piece makes me not only think and feel Autumn, but also hear it. Fall, to me, is the season with the best sounds. The creeks have a gentle murmur, as the water flow wanes due to less precipitation as well as less snow melt (as opposed to California, where they have a gentle murmur, but due to the very beginning of any flow at all). But the forest itself has a quiet "babble" too, with the leaves softly falling, and all the creatures unable to prevent themselves from rustling the forest floor. This work makes me hear all of these things. The photo was taken in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, near Santeetlah Lake.

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