Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friendship - photo from Russian Ridge Open Space, California


Days like this one are nice for photographing because the air is such that the fog does not form directly at sea level, but rather must be pushed up by the mountains and therefore cooled before the fog forms. This means that the fog does not exist behind this first bank, leaving lots of room for the sunlight to dance with the landscape in the background. I know that the title for the photograph might seem a little odd or arbitrary, but it just feels like the right title to me. It's only a landscape photo, but landscape scenes can still evoke similar emotions as other life experiences. This image instills in me a feeling reminiscent of friendship.

Russian Ridge is a lot of fun because of the ever-changing clouds and weather. While this makes for great photographing, the true transience of it all might not come across that well in stills. This time, a friend came along with me, and he spent his time taking a time lapse video while I shot stills. I think it conveys why Russian Ridge is so much fun a little bit better. Check it out: Russian Ridge Timelapse.  Maybe now you people will better understand why I keep going back!

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