Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Summer's Last Stand - photo from Russian Ridge Open Space, California

"Summer's Last Stand"

I took this photo on a day that felt like the true end of summer. Convective clouds are invading the Bay Area, as the moisture from the Hawaiian Islands begins to be funneled towards California's north coast - a sure sign that the season is changing. But the sun is still strong, and won't give up the fight for moisture so easily. This day felt like a turning point, ripe for a regime change, with unanimous yearning for the sun to release its stranglehold on the landscape.

In addition to the moisture rolling in, it has also gotten a lot colder.  I had forgotten how cold it could be here at Russian Ridge (even though I've been a million times).  My nose and hands just about froze off.  Luckily, this session was followed by possibly the best cup of hot apple cider I've ever had.

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