Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Left Behind - photograph of Granuja Falls in Uvas Canyon

"Left Behind"

I often hear my friends from the east coast say "I think I would miss fall too much," regarding moving west. Or even my friends who are out here already say that they do miss fall. This always confuses me, because there is certainly an autumn here in Northern California. It's true, many of the landscapes are dominated by evergreens or other trees that don't turn. But there are certainly pockets of hardwoods that change color in a brilliant display, you simply have to know where to look. My favorite place for fall in the Bay Area is Uvas Canyon, about a half hour outside of San Jose. Here is a piece from my most recent trek to Uvas Canyon. On this visit, my eye was particularly drawn to the forest floor, especially the ways in which the leaves and streams interacted with one another. Shown here is the foot of Granuja Falls, and a lone leaf that has been left behind by his comrades.

Not everyone will appreciate the high level of blur here, and that's ok. I took two versions of this shot. In one version, I used a larger aperture and quicker shutter speed, meant to yield less water blur, and also isolate the lone leaf as the focal point and thus clearly making it the primary subject. In this version, I shot with a very small aperture and long shutter speed, making the entire image tack sharp, except for things that were moving. I ended up liking this version better. As opposed to making the lone leaf the only subject, it contrasts the journey of the leaves with the journey of the water.

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