Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Coming Round the Mountain" - photo from Purisima Creek Redwoods

"Coming Round the Mountain"

This is not the most show-stopping photograph I've ever taken, but it pleases me in its own way.  Some background: this photograph was taken in Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space, specifically on the Harkins Ridge Trail. Purisima Creek is hands down one of the most beautiful locations in the Bay Area - a must-hike for anyone in the region. There are stunning vistas, year-round streams, and monstrous redwood trees. But there are also quieter, more intimate scenes of equal beauty, like this one, if one keeps their eyes open. As I rounded the bend, I was struck by the simple, peaceful beauty of the dirt trail, flanked by wildflowers, passing between two evergreens. I had been spending the past several minutes photographing more grandiose views, but the sunset-colored fog racing over the trees, cloaking them in quickly-changing degrees of mist, really drew my attention. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded to pull your eyes back in closer to you.

The title comes from the song "She'll be coming 'round the mountain."  For some reason, this scene is nearly identical to the vision I conjure up in my head when I hear that song. I can't say why -- perhaps it's from a movie or cartoon I saw when I was younger, an eerie coincidence, or simply an adjusted after-the-fact memory -- but this is it, down to the width of the road and slope of the mountain.  Maybe that'll make this photograph more interesting to me than others, but I hope you find something in it to connect with, too.

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